Tynron Glen

By John Shaw

Home Page

It’s taken seventeen years, but I have put Tynron Glen on a website for anyone to view.  The original 1996 second edition is what appears here.  I shall be adding lots of extra photos in the gallery and a few comments at the end in the addenda.  Some will be integrated into the book.  I did all this originally without the internet and with only basic word processing and book-binding facilities.  The photos predate 1996, before the age of digital cameras, so they are of indifferent quality.

I am very happy for anyone to copy or use anything from my book.

A previous version of Tynron Glen is also on the web at tynronglen.info and still exist at oocities.org/tynron.

John Shaw  March 23rd 2013 and updated in November 2017 with the help of grandson, Duncan McClean.