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Lois Hale-fergusson says:

Hi. I am researching ancestry for my husband. His great grandad was coachman at Kirkland in Tynron, for how long I am unsure but he is there on the 1861 census. He later moved to Liverpool as a coachman.
I would love to find info on how I would find pictures of Kirkland and the kennedys from that time but don’t know where to start.

John Shaw says:

Hi Lois,
I have been working on Tynron Glen a bit recently. Thank you for your comment. I see that John Fergusson age 28 was on the 1861 census for Kirkland. The Tynron censuses are a bit of a nuisance in that there are no photocopies of them on Ancestry. I don’t know about Findmypast. The best place to find the Tynron censuses is at the Ewart Library in Dumfries. I don’t live in Scotland any more and probably you don’t either. Kennedy at Kirkland is mentioned twice on my 19th Century page in Tynron Glen. I think you will be very lucky to find any pictures of 19C Kirkland. Kennedys were at Kirkland for a long time and he was an important man in Tynron. I visited Kirkland many times in the 80s, but it seems to have changed hands several times.
I realize that this reply is pretty useless to you!
John Shaw

David Gibson says:

I have a letter from one of the Gaskells dated 1933 on a printed letterhead from Auchenbrack, Tynron and wondered whether you would be interested in having it. If you would like to send me an SAE I can forward it to you – we can correspond by email.

John Shaw says:

Dear David,
Thanks so much for posting me the Auchenbrack letter.
Best wishes
John Shaw

Bill Sutton says:

I Thank you so very much for this Site and the Information in it. A nostalgic time for me, but a happy one. I was the Gardener to A.B Duncan (Now the late Sir ABD) before he left Lannhall – at 92 years old, I have forgotten the dates of that time. Willie Wilson was still at the Shop/Postoffice though – known for being “care fu’ wi’ the Siller”. I believe I had a certain reputation as a Poacher with another two local lads – Oot wi’ the lamp efter things had bedded doon for the nicht – I remember visiting many years later and one of the Old Ladies said, “Aye, we didnie like yer poaching though…” I did have a Permit to fish and also to take rabbits on A.B.s land but there were the odd other things too…. Now I live in Canada and am 92yrs myself and I thank you for a most Happy and Nostalgic Hour!! Yours most gratefully, Bill Sutton.

John Shaw says:

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for your kind letter. Please make whatever use you like of my website. I never actually went into Lann Hall, though I often walked on the hillside above it and went into Lann Hall cottages a few times. .
Best wishes, John Shaw

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