Tynron Glen

By John Shaw

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    Moyra says:

    My Grandad Robert Scott (Charlotte Scott’s father in law) stayed at high auchenbrack when I was little early 70’s lovely reading all this History

    Carole says:

    My husband and I just revisited his ancestral home at Low Farthinbank on the Drumlanrig Castle estate. We then proceeded to purchase a wonderful print of the castle at a thrift shop in Thornhill. It is signed T M Sandiland. When I googled that name I ended up on this site. What might the connection be? Thanks for any info.

    John Shaw says:

    The name Sandiland(s) rings a bell. I used to teach at Crawfordton House and the name had some connection with Crawfordton, though I don’t know what.
    I can only think that you were referred to Tynron Glen as the Drumlanrig Douglases owned various parts of Tynron Glen in the past.
    I am so pleased that you found my website. If I can help further please let me know.
    John Shaw

    Reader says:

    Yes, The Irvings are still at Shinnelhead.

    William Waugh says:

    Ah just found Willie Wilson, sounds a character ( I hadn’t started to read this when I emailed)

    John Shaw says:

    Dear Bill,

    Foggie Hall – a bit of a puzzle!

    Thanks for your interesting post.

    My book is well spread around the glen and is in the libraries. I have no more copies.

    Best wishes
    John Shaw

    William Waugh says:

    Just found this site, will make my way through it (and is your book still available BTW).
    I was born at Foggie Hall, Tynron 0n the 11th Oct 1943, My father also William would have been shortly demobbed from the RAF at the time, I have been told I was delivered in Foggie Hall (spelling) by my Grandmother Maggie Waugh nee Welsh or Walsh my Grandad was Robert Ferguson Waugh.
    I’ve held an interest about Tynron all my life and have visited several times but never could find “Foggie Hall, often walked across from Moniaive when visiting my Gran.
    another name my mother used to talk about was “Willie Wilson” who I think was a shop keeper or maybe postmaster in Tynron at the time of my birth, we left Foggie Hall and moved to Knowhead the Rue near Auldgirth farmed then by John Dalzeil , I was about three then,
    We have a certificate/proclamation that was given to my farther for service during the war by Tynron Parish (I think)

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