Tynron Glen

By John Shaw

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  • Moyra says:

    My Grandad Robert Scott (Charlotte Scott’s father in law) stayed at high auchenbrack when I was little early 70’s lovely reading all this History

  • John Shaw says:

    The name Sandiland(s) rings a bell. I used to teach at Crawfordton House and the name had some connection with Crawfordton, though I don’t know what.
    I can only think that you were referred to Tynron Glen as the Drumlanrig Douglases owned various parts of Tynron Glen in the past.
    I am so pleased that you found my website. If I can help further please let me know.
    John Shaw

  • Carole says:

    My husband and I just revisited his ancestral home at Low Farthinbank on the Drumlanrig Castle estate. We then proceeded to purchase a wonderful print of the castle at a thrift shop in Thornhill. It is signed T M Sandiland. When I googled that name I ended up on this site. What might the connection be? Thanks for any info.

  • Reader says:

    Yes, The Irvings are still at Shinnelhead.

  • shawsy says:

    Dear Bill,

    Foggie Hall – a bit of a puzzle!

    Thanks for your interesting post.

    My book is well spread around the glen and is in the libraries. I have no more copies.

    Best wishes
    John Shaw

  • William Waugh says:

    Ah just found Willie Wilson, sounds a character ( I hadn’t started to read this when I emailed)

  • William Waugh says:

    Just found this site, will make my way through it (and is your book still available BTW).
    I was born at Foggie Hall, Tynron 0n the 11th Oct 1943, My father also William would have been shortly demobbed from the RAF at the time, I have been told I was delivered in Foggie Hall (spelling) by my Grandmother Maggie Waugh nee Welsh or Walsh my Grandad was Robert Ferguson Waugh.
    I’ve held an interest about Tynron all my life and have visited several times but never could find “Foggie Hall, often walked across from Moniaive when visiting my Gran.
    another name my mother used to talk about was “Willie Wilson” who I think was a shop keeper or maybe postmaster in Tynron at the time of my birth, we left Foggie Hall and moved to Knowhead the Rue near Auldgirth farmed then by John Dalzeil , I was about three then,
    We have a certificate/proclamation that was given to my farther for service during the war by Tynron Parish (I think)

  • coliin mac says:

    my sentiments exactly , so much research ,so interesting . who actually ownds the glens and the houses ?

  • shawsy says:

    Dear David,

    Good to hear from you and many apologies for waiting so long to reply. Try the Ewart Library in Dumfries for school rolls. Hillhead was a ruin in the 1980s, but it has since been done up. It is very difficult to picture large families living in such small houses.

    Best wishes

  • shawsy says:

    Dear Colin,

    Thanks for your comments. I had no idea that Glendow was once Morganstone.
    Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you.

    Best wishes

  • colin jackson says:

    Fascinating website which I have stumbled across again.

    In the middle 1960s my brother and I lived in the old school house “Morganstone” subsequently remained “Glendow” with my grandparents Muriel and Jock jackson following the death our mother. i still go back to Thornhill 3/4 times a year to visit an aged uncle but sadly the family connection and roots are fast dying out. So many happy childhood memories of sitting on the pebble beach where the Shinnel flows past the back of the house, catching my first brown trout (and having it for breakfast the next morning) and catching lizards in the summer on the dry stane walls. i also remember the road being tarmaced for the first time and he visiting grocers vans.

  • David Paterson says:

    Hello – I’m researching my family history and have come across a branch of the family who were recorded in the 1891 Census as living at Hillhead of Dalmakerran which is, I think, near Tynron in Dumfriesshire. I suppose their children must have gone to Tynron Primary School – and there were, of course, a lot of them (6 – Grace/13, Isabella/11, John/9, Fanny/6, Francis/3 & Mary/1, although it’s really only Isabella (who may have been my paternal grandmother) and Francis (whose son may have fallen in WW1) in whom I mainly have an interest. Their surname (Davidson) is common in the area so I have lots of threads to follow, alas. However, I’d be very grateful if you could advise if any school roll calls still exist which might confirm the existence of the family. I live in West Sussex which is a long way from Tynron so any information or help you can offer would be much appreciated. Best regards

  • shawsy says:

    Dear Jill,

    How rude of me to wait an eternity to reply to you. I have no spare copies. It’s in the local libraries and local people will have most of the 150 copies. Best of luck.
    I am still contactable via this.

    Best wishes
    John Shaw

  • shawsy says:

    Dear Pam,
    I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. You know there is some stuff about the Douglas family in Tynron Glen eg the Covenanters. There is a big book called History of the Douglas Family in the references at the end. Use the parish registers and the census. Research is fun. Good of you to send me a message.
    Best wishes,
    John Shaw

  • Pamela Lyman says:

    You have an immense knowledge of Tynron and I wondered if you had researched the Douglas of Stenhouse family who lived there.

  • Jill Burgess says:

    Is your book still available to buy?

  • shawsy says:

    Hi Karen,

    Photocopy the painting and send it to my email address.

    Best wishes

  • karen Wilbur says:

    H there, have only just seen your comment.!! I would like to know your guess! (please) Yes I have researched the census material as best I know how. My family lived in Parkhouse. George Black was a blacksmith. 5 of his and Ann Sharpes children emigrated to Australia at young ages throughout the 1840-60’s. I am descended from their son George who came to Oz at the age of 14 with his sister Agnes. How could I send you a scan of a painting that was apparently of the smithy’s in Tynron, to see if anyone can figure out it’s whereabouts, as it definitely does not look like Parkhouse!!!

  • shawsy says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, Jintie.
    Are the Irvings still at Shinnelhead at the top of the glen?
    I’m not in Tynron any more, so my book is frozen in 1996, although I have some more photos to add.

    Best wishes
    John Shaw

  • Jintie Toovey says:

    Whoever did this website deserves a lot of credit !!! It’s great …so interesting . I just wandered onto it whilst searching for my Irving / Wightman/ Beattie families. I know the Irvings were in Tundergarth , as with the Beatties but Alexander and James Wightman ( I think ) were born in Tynron.!750’s. Seeing the marvellous pictures of the “village ” just makes their lives more real…as well as bringing back memories for myself !!
    The story about the Tynron Kirk Whisky…..well it was worth bottling !!!!!!!! and to think it even came here to Australia. Pity I can’t find some hidden away somewhere !! Then I would be swirling in memories ……..
    Best wishes from Western Australia and congratulations ….. Jintie ( Janet Irving )
    If anyone knows anything of my “”Lot “” would love to hear from them …

  • Très intéressant.
    Lydie “Vieille Alliace”

  • shawsy says:

    Dear Rory,

    I am so sorry to have taken a while to get back to you. Very rude of me.

    Yes, Hunter was once a common name in Tynron, especially Auchenbrack and Craigencoon.
    I expect there to be a family connection with Dalry, as these large families often had holdings in several parishes.
    You will have to go through Tynron parish registers and the census records. Census records give the places of birth.
    I don’t have direct access to these records, but you have two easy possibilities. The Ewart library has all these records or you could look on Ancestry. The Ewart or even your local library may have Ancestry for free or you can buy a month’s subscription for about £12 and do the research on your computer at home.

    Best of luck in this. I love this sort of research, as it it can be very rewarding.

    Best wishes

  • Rory hunter says:

    My dad was born in Dalry, dumfriesshire. His ancestors were born in dalry in the late 1700’s. I’m trying to establish a connection between his family and the Hunters in Tynron. any information you might have aong those lines would be appreciated

  • Ian Turner says:

    Thanks for the link. Nice to see the info (especially the maps) on the web. I think I may still have a copy of your original Amiga printout.
    Great job, John.

  • shawsy says:

    Hi Jamie!

    Nice to hear from you. It took me a while, but I did get Tynron Glen on to the interweb. Fancy ending up in D and G. What are you doing? Say hello to your Mum.


  • Jamie Dent says:

    Just a quick message for John – Its nice to see all the work you did is now online. Hope all is well with you. Im back in D&G, married, with a 4 yr old. Get in touch if you feel like it.


  • shawsy says:

    Hi Karen!

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t have an exact date and can only guess at a date. Your guess would probably be as good as mine. I hope you have seen all the census and parish records for the Black family.

    Best wishes

  • Karen Wilbur says:

    Hi there, great reading!!
    Any knowing when the date of the photo 3a would have been taken?? I have a postcard of the 2 men left of Laurie. On the back of postcard it says “…Black?? and Sandy” My Ancstors were the Black family from Parkhouse. This was given to me by a local of Moniave.
    regards Karen

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