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Tynron Glen / Gallery

Milnton and The Garth b & w

High Pinzarie 2 by Sue King-Smith

High Pinzarie by Sue King-Smith

Old Auchenbrack by Walter Baxter

Loch near St Connel’s Chapel by Sue King-Smith

Corriedow by RH Dengate

Cormilligan inside by Walter Baxter

Cormilligan by Walter Baxter showing the small area of good land

Cormilligan from a distance by Walter Baxter

Cormilligan by Walter Baxter

Connel’s Chapel and Kirkconnell Loch by Sue King-Smith

Clodderoch ruins by Sue King-Smith

Bennan by Walter Baxter

Auchenbrack by Bob Peace

Appin by Sue King-Smith

Stamp franked at Tynron

Tynron smithy

Lann Hall gate posts and Tynron Doon

Lann Hall gate posts

Aird Loch

Aird Linn waterfall

White Lady Pool by The Linn

Auchenbrack buchts

Auchenbrack buchts with blackface

Auchenbrack buchts

Bennan and the school

Strathmilligan and MacQueston

View from Shancastle towards Thornhill

Clonrae and Tynron Doon

Snow at Thornie Park January 1984

Glen road in snow January 1984 at Princes Cottage

Auchenbrack left, Thornie Park right 1984

A bit of snow at Craigencoon January 1984

Thornie Park left, view down glen 1983

Fire at the back of The Ford 1982

Barr Hill and rainbow 1982

Ford, Aird plateau and Tynron Doon from Barr Hill 1982

Looking towards mist in Nith Valley from Barr Hill 1982

The Ford, Aird plateau and Tynron Doon 1982

Barr Hill 1982

Thornie Park 1983

Barr Hill from Ford Cottage 1982

TV aerial on Shancastle to get reception at the Ford 1982

The Ford and Barr Hill 1981

Ford Cottage 1981

View from above Capenoch with Tynron Juniper Wood centre 1981

Above Capenoch looking towards Tynron Doon and Thornhill 1981

View over Capenoch Loch towards Penpont 1981

View from Barr Hill up the glen to the north-west 1981

View down the glen from Barr Hill 1981

View from Barr Hill towards Ford 1981

View towards Ford right and Barr left 1981

Ford Cottage 1981

Ford Cottage, with Ford in the background 1981

View from Tynron Doon, Scaur Glen right (adjoins next photo)

View from Tynron Doon towars Auchengibbert Hill, Craigturra on left October 1995

Auchenbrack with Princes Cottage right (adjoins next photo)

Thornie Park Auchenbrack September 1985

Auchenbrack beautifully showing the old fields below Sharp Craig 1986

Auchenbrack, Thornie Park left, Pinzarie Hill right 1986

Auchenbrack looking north-east 1986

Princes Cottage on Auchenbrack 1986

High Auchenbrack 1986

View from Stenhouse Hill up the glen (adjoins next 2 photos)

View from Stenhouse Hill (middle photo) Killiewarren centre

View from Stenhouse Hill towards lower glen (adjoins next photos) November 1995

Pinzarie side of Pinzarie Hill January 1987

Rigs above Pinzarie January 1987 (adjoins next photo)

Run-rig above Pinzarie (adjoins next photo) January 1987

Auchenbrack, Thornie Park centre, May 1985 (adjoins Pinzarie Hill photo)

Pinzarie Hill May 1985 (adjoins next photo)

Pinzarie Hill November 1986 (adjoins next photo)

Pinzarie Hill above Craigencoon before the forestry (adjoins next photo)

Auchenbrack – Craigencoon Hirsel January 1993

Pinzarie Hill January 1993

Looking towards Tynron Village, Craigturra and Tynron Doon on the right. January 1993

Sod dyke on Maqueston Hill, January 1993

Cormilligan Bottom, January 1993

View from Cormilligan looking south-east

Kirkconnell Loch in distance

Cormilligan Bottom, Kirkconnell extreme right in the distance. January 1993

Sheep on run-rig above Craigencoon, Auchenbrack in background. Now under forestry.

Sod dyke above Killiewarren – (The Deil’s Dyke)

Interesting lumps and bumps on Pinzarie Hill before the forestry. Main dyke with Auchenbrack in the Background.

The source of the main stream above Craigencoon at 1025 ft, now under forestry

Above Craigencoon, now under forestry

Above Craigencoon – two circular features now in the forestry

Looking across Pinzarie Hill above Craigencoon before the forestry, showing the run-rig

Run-rig showing up on east part of Auchenbrack

The Garth/The Manse

Stenhouse Cottage

Millhouse by Stenhouse

The Clone


March 1993

Shinnelwood January 1993

January 1993

January 1993

Strathmilligan, Pinzarie and Bennan. January 1993.

Looking over Kirkconnell Loch across Cormilligan Bottom. The Dalwhat in the background.

Up the Glen from Auchenbrack with Appin Lodge on the left

View down the glen with Lann Hall in the background

Appin Lodge





Back of Strathmilligan



Cottage on Dalmakerran with a great view of Craigturra and Tynron Doon

High Auchenbrack


Auchengibbert and Dalmakerran

Hillside above Thornie Park January 1993

Above Craigencoon January 1993

Auchenbrack run-rig shows up in the snow

Tynleoch and traces of run-rig

Run-rig above Thornie Park on Auchenbrack January 1988

Stenhouse Folly close-up

Stenhouse Folly


Stenhouse Lodge


MacQueston November 1992

Holmhouse November 1992

Glenshinnel November 1992

Two Bridges November 1992


Bennan November 1992

High Pinzarie

Thornie Park and Princes Cottage

Craigencoon and Thornie Park

Shinnel Cottage



Kirkland December 1993

Lann Hall

Lann Hall from a distance

Lann Hall

Hillview by Low Lann

The Linn

Lann Hall Cottages




Hillhead January 1993

Lann Hall Cottages and Tynron


Milnton and The Garth

Shinnel Wood

Shinnelhead sheep dip

Tynron Doon

Tynron Doon

Tynron Doon

Looking towards Craigturra and Tynron Doon Spring 1985

Hillhead with Craigturra and Tynron Doon centre background

Kirkland and its Walled Garden

Kirkland and Craigturra

Clonrae and Craigturra


Original Cover Photo of looking up the Glen with the old smithy at Parkhouse and Stenhouse behind

View from Tynron Doon with Penpont, Thornhill and then Queensberry back left

Milnton, The Garth and Lann Hall

Tynron Village again

Painting of Tynron Village by Donald Watson

Still another View of Tynron Village

Yet another View of Tynron Village

Another View of Tynron Village

Another View of Tynron Village

Tynron before the new house

Tynron Village from south-east

Tynron Village

Tynron Parish Church

Classic Photo of Children in Tynron

Horses walking through Tynron Village

Allans Cairn

Tynron Village