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This photo looks up Tynron Glen, with the old smithy at Parkhouse in the foreground and Stenhouse behind.

It’s taken seventeen years, but I’m putting Tynron Glen on a website for anyone to view.  The original 1996 second edition is what will appear here.  I shall be adding extra photos and comments at the end.  To think that I did all this originally without the internet and with only basic word processing facilities.

If you want to see a decent-sized version of a map or diagram, click on it.

I am very happy for anyone to copy or use anything from my book.

Tynron Glen is also on the web at and

John Shaw  March 23rd 2013

One thought on “Front page

  1. Ian Turner

    Thanks for the link. Nice to see the info (especially the maps) on the web. I think I may still have a copy of your original Amiga printout.
    Great job, John.


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